Trump Cocktail

Hello, I’m Hadi and this is my art.

Rude Pieties: Six Glimpses of Hervé Guibert

A possible epitaph? Better to remain hungry than to renounce appetite.

Phoneme Riot: A Conversation with Nour Mobarak

The work of Los Angeles–based artist Nour Mobarak can be understood as an open-ended engagement with the promiscuous and constitutive power of words.

General Behavior

When two gooms get each other.

South of Nothing: The Photographs of Soham Gupta

When life’s hard, time’s a motherfucker.

Blasted: On Reza Abdoh’s Tight Right White

He ate camp and shat punk, his style a fizzing intestine stuffed with culture’s slime and scraps.

Bidoun Mix 5: Meriem Bennani

Low-key evil

We Are The Lines of Control: Unraveling Naeem Mohaiemen

Like a kite catching thermal winds.

Matter and Mind

As a child in Tehran, the artist Shirin Sabahi took weekly painting classes not far from Park-e Laleh, or tulip park, in the sprawling city center.

Bidoun Mix 4: Ma’an Abu Taleb


The Night Journey of Ahmed Bouanani

In the stillness of the house at Aït Oumghar there are ghosts of cats.

Book of Judges: Larry David and the War on the War on Comedy

The war of all against all against nothing

Sweet Talk: A Conversation with Thuraya Al-Basqsami and Monira Al Qadiri

I feel like there’s a forest inside me, full of vegetation. Like a bowl of tabbouleh.

Louvre Me Tender

Soft power plays

Bidoun Mix 3: Ghazal

Mix Suedi

The Video People

1990s VHS Tehran Cinephiliacs

Bidoun Mix 2: Deena Abdelwahed


Soft Dramaturgy: A Conversation with Lukas Duwenhögger, Part II

Precluding the indifferent, eradicating void and uninspiring vastness of, for instance, sunsets.

Soft Dramaturgy: A Conversation with Lukas Duwenhögger, Part I

I hope these words make you cry.

Mary Boone is Egyptian

“I find the whole notion of celebrity embarrassing.”


Love and romance, dating and friendship, loneliness and community, all set against the terror of aging.

Bidoun Mix 1

Post-(((Persian))) Happy Softcore


We <3 Beirut

Myriam Boulos, Family First, 2020. Courtesy the artist

Dear Friends,

Like many of you, we were consumed by news of the August 4 explosion that ripped through Beirut, a city already in the midst of a political and economic crisis of mind-boggling proportions. The need for help remains urgent. We’ve asked friends and colleagues to send on the names of Lebanese organizations working across multiple sectors that could use donations of all sizes. While this list of both scrappy and long-established groups is by no means exhaustive, it offers a start. Please do consider engaging with one or more of these initiatives; even the littlest amount goes a long way.


Arts & Culture
Arab Image Foundation
Ashkal Alwan
Assabil Association
Beirut Art Center
Beirut Musicians’ Fund
Beirut Theatre and Music Fundraiser
Haven for Artists and Music
Mina Image Center
Studio Safar
Sursock Museum

Domestic Workers
Egna Legna
This is Lebanon

Arc en Ciel
Arm Lebanon
Beit El Baraka
Impact Lebanon
Lebanese Food Bank
Matbakh el Balad
Nation State
Offre Joie
Queer Relief Fund

Refugees, Migrant Workers
Al Najdeh
Al Naqab Center for Youth Activities
Migrant Community Center
Sawa for Development and Aid

Identity Bazaar

Four takedowns of opportunism, art world hustle, and shameless dilettantism.

The Muse of Failure: Egypt and the grandest narrative

Son’allah Ibrahim is Egypt’s reigning bard of failure. His stories are comedic without being cheerful, just as the masturbation he inevitably depicts is pleasurable without being fulfilling.

Hamlet’s Arab Journey

Nasser was not Hamlet, and he was no Macbeth.

Untitled Tracks

According to Untitled Tracks, Beirut’s music scene was dead — a smattering of derivative metal outfits, rock bands playing Nirvana covers, jazz combos stuck in the 1950s, pop musicians parroting the most typical of Arab ballads and other schlock — until the end of the millennium, when a generation of young experimentalists who had come of age during the civil war began to make an irrepressible amount of noise.

The Yacoubian Building: A drama of novel proportions

Nestled along downtown Cairo’s busy Talat Haarb Street, the Yacoubian building is easy to miss.