How To Revolt


1: Seizure of key government buildings.

2: Attempt to incorporate police and military officers into the ranks of people.

3: The protection of our revolutionary brothers and sisters.


1: Gathering with friends and neighbors in residential streets far from security forces.

2: Chanting in the name of Egypt and the freedom of its people (positive calls).

3: Encouraging residents to join (in a positive fashion).

4: Going out in large groups onto the main roads to gather the largest possible crowds.

5: Marching towards key government buildings (with positive chants and calls) in order to take control of them.


1: [Refers to diagram of a protestor’s body.]

2: Goggles — You can buy them from any paints shop.

3: Scarf (kufiyya) — To protect your mouth and lungs from tear gas.

4: Flower — To give to those who confront us and so that we come together in a friendly and peaceful fashion.

5: Spray Paint — So that, if confronted by authorities, we can spray the windshields of the tanks and vehicles to block their vision and halt their movements.

6: Comfortable shoes — For running and quick movement.

7: Rubber Gloves — This helps to protect your hands from the heat of tear gas grenades.

8: A Pot Cover — You can use this as a shield against blows from riot police and rubber bullets.

9: Sweatshirt or Sweater (hooded) — This helps you to keep tear gas out of your face.


1: After Friday prayer, go out into the streets in orderly lines carrying flowers and roses. Without shouting and without slogans. Walk in orderly lines (as if during prayer), and we will continue until we reach our goals (the most important government buildings in your district).

2: All people must go out into the streets. Security officers can’t bear to shame their mothers, sisters, and children.

3: If security forces prevent us from completing the march, then let’s start some positive chanting, such as “Long Live Egypt” or “Let injustice and corruption fall!” and try to penetrate their blockade.

4: If they start to hit us, the front line must retreat back two rows (calmly). Then the back line must take out their shields and spray paint to penetrate the blockade. Organization is vital.

5: Penetration [of the Security Forces’ blockade] can be accomplished by coordinating how we push [through] their lines. This might be by planning three preliminary pushes with the group, then a fourth and final, most powerful push to catch the Forces off guard.

6: When you start the chanting, it will never end. So it’s best to adhere to one or two chants at the most (simple chants) so that everyone can hear them clearly and repeat them easily.

7: The more the group approaches the Central Security Forces’ ranks, the less able they are to launch tear gas grenades (and thus our effect on them increases)

8: In the event that they do launch tear gas grenades, please stay put and keep calm, because panicking will cause you to inhale more of the tear gas.

9: If you hear the sounds of [tear gas] bombs, don’t run away. Stay in line and simply raise the shield above your head and you will be safe. And always remember that the effects are only temporary.

10: Best case scenario would be for someone from our lines to grab the tear gas grenade and throw it back in the direction of the Central Security Forces. (It is preferable to wear rubber gloves.)

11: The most important thing is to protect each other. Each must watch out for the person next to him in the lines.

12: Often, the Central Security Forces leave small cavities/ openings which permit some small people to pass through. We can exploit this by getting behind them and taking their shields and weapons.

13: Saving your friends is more important than deflecting the Central Security Forces’ blows.

14: Do not break [things] or ruin them.

15: Call out to those throwing explosives to come and join the ranks of liberty.

16: Distribute different tasks among the different lines and ranks.

17: Know that tall buildings can be used as watchtowers to the benefit of the People’s Movement.

18: Do not let any of the police officers infiltrate the group of people. Even if they join the movement, it is necessary to keep them on the outer lines.

19: Do not be negative when it is not to your benefit.


1: Please do not use Twitter or Facebook or websites, as all of these are monitored by the Ministry of the Interior.

2: Publish by way of email or printing and photocopying, especially if you are the owner or manager of an office or shop.

3: Don’t betray your country’s people and do not put this information in the hands of any person who works for the military or the police.