Blind Ambition, Hassan Khan, 2012

    Friday, May 6 at 1pm
    Sunday, May 8 at 1pm

    Guggenheim Museum
    New Media Theater
    1071 5th Ave, New York, NY 10128
    Free with museum admission (Adults $15, Students/Seniors $10)

    Part of Hello Guggenheim: Film and Video Curated by Bidoun Projects

    Blind Ambition
    Hassan Khan, 2012, 46 mins
    Blind Ambition is a nine-part video shot on mobile phones over the course of a single day in the streets of Cairo. Fast talk is contrasted with slow shots; shouting voices with absolute silence; real-time reality with cinematic artificiality—the end result is that rare Cairene film that evokes noise and congestion without recourse to ambient sound. Disjunctively poetic, Blind Ambition is about the emotional condition that seethes beneath the surface of a collective.

    Courtesy Galerie Chantal Crousel