We <3 Beirut

      Myriam Boulos, Family First, 2020. Courtesy the artist

      Dear Friends,

      Like many of you, we were consumed by news of the August 4 explosion that ripped through Beirut, a city already in the midst of a political and economic crisis of mind-boggling proportions. The need for help remains urgent. We’ve asked friends and colleagues to send on the names of Lebanese organizations working across multiple sectors that could use donations of all sizes. While this list of both scrappy and long-established groups is by no means exhaustive, it offers a start. Please do consider engaging with one or more of these initiatives; even the littlest amount goes a long way.


      Arts & Culture
      Arab Image Foundation
      Ashkal Alwan
      Assabil Association
      Beirut Art Center
      Beirut Musicians’ Fund
      Beirut Theatre and Music Fundraiser
      Haven for Artists and Music
      Mina Image Center
      Studio Safar
      Sursock Museum

      Domestic Workers
      Egna Legna
      This is Lebanon

      Arc en Ciel
      Arm Lebanon
      Beit El Baraka
      Impact Lebanon
      Lebanese Food Bank
      Matbakh el Balad
      Nation State
      Offre Joie
      Queer Relief Fund

      Refugees, Migrant Workers
      Al Najdeh
      Al Naqab Center for Youth Activities
      Migrant Community Center
      Sawa for Development and Aid