Tribute to the Masters: AnaPop, Istanbul

    Influenced by global musical trends, Turkish pop and rock of the 60’s and 70’s, could be defined as a psychedelic outburst of multi-ethnic Anatolian culture… AnaPop sets out to get younger generations acquainted with this unique genre through a combined event of one-off concerts, workshops, seminars and documentary screenings.
    A full-length documentary and interdisciplinary book will subsequently support the AnaPop event featuring 4 days of concerts, performances, workshops and a range of exhibitions (including photographs, LP artworks and posters).
    AnaPop provides a unique opportunity to see some of the most acclaimed performers of the period playing live whilst at the same time creating the right milieu to foster new music.
    September 15th -16th -17th 2010: Workshops, Seminars, Documentary Screenings
    Saturday September 18th, 2010: Concerts at İ.M.Ç 6. Blok Unkapanı, Istanbul
    Concert day doors open: 16:00, until 00:00
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