Taqwacore Screening Tonight at NYU — Introduced by Michael C. Vazquez!

    The Taqwa Tour 2007 in Chicago

    Tuesday November 30, 6:30pm
    20 Cooper Square
    New York
    Directed by Omar Majeed
    2009, 80 minutes
    Presented by Michael C. Vazquez

    NYU’s Program for Asian/Pacific/American Studies presents a screening of Taqwacore as part of its program ‘WRONG MUSLIM: a series on infidels.’ Taqwacore is a roaring, rollicking portrait of Muhammad Knight, The Kominas, and a brown wave of riot grrl, metal, anarcho-punk and shouty-shout bands — among them Vote Hezbollah and Secret Trial Five, the latter fronted by a Pakistani lesbian from Vancouver and best known for their song ‘Middle Eastern Zombies’ — as they travel from suburban basements to Lahore. There the drugs are great, the response from locals slightly less so….