Screening: Khaled Jarrar’s INFILTRATORS and Jumana Manna’s FORAGERS

    Anthology Film Archives
    32 2nd Ave, New York
    Thursday, January 18
    7:30 pm

    Join us Thursday for the fourth installment of our ongoing film series at Anthology Film Archives, where we will be screening two artist-made documentaries about survival and resistance in occupied Palestine. Khaled Jarrar’s Infiltrators (2012) captures the myriad ways West Bank residents attempt to circumvent the so-called separation wall, while Jumana Manna’s Foragers (2022) examines Israel’s use of ecological legislation to further alienate Palestinians from their land, food, and culture.

    Khaled Jarrar
    2012, 70 min, digital

    Artist Khaled Jarrar shadows West Bank residents as they search for ways to bypass the highly militarized Israeli apartheid wall that separates them from Jerusalem. Over, under, or through, with great difficulty and risk, the infiltrators are by turns people who wish to visit relatives in hospitals, religious women trying to reach Al Aqsa, teenage boys tasked with “smuggling” bread, and, most often, construction workers; Palestinian men whose labor will be used to build up the city they are not permitted to enter. Alternating between cigarette breaks, detours, waiting, climbing, escaping, and confrontation, Infiltrators depicts the constant struggle to both survive and resist captivity and occupation.

    Jumana Manna
    2022, 64 min, DCP

    Shot in the Golan Heights, the Galilee, and Jerusalem, Foragers employs fiction, documentary, and archival footage to demonstrate the impact of Israeli nature protection laws on Palestinian foraging practices. The restrictions prohibit the collection of wild ’akkoub and za’atar, and have resulted in fines and trials for hundreds of people, exclusively Arabs. While Israel insists the laws are necessary to protect native plants from extinction, for Palestinians they constitute an ecological veil for carceral legislation that alienates them from their land and culture. Though singular in its focus, Foragers illuminates the links between land, food, indigeneity, law, and the quotidian defiance necessitated by life under occupation.

    Total running time: ca. 140 min.

    $12 General Admission / $9 Seniors and Students Tickets available at the box office or at the Anthology Film Archives website