Bidoun at The Kitchen II

    Bidoun hosted an evening at The Kitchen for a second time, in commemoration of our fall 2009 issue, “INTERVIEW,” with added eclectica drawn from the world of our winter issue, “NOISE.” The evening, hosted by senior editors Negar Azimi and Michael Vazquez , featured Tony Shafrazi performing his exotic operatic epic Moogambo, an encounter between writer Gini Alhadeff and writer cum flamenco dancer Hampton Fancher , illustrated readings by Abou Farman ( “True Dub”, Bidoun 19 NOISE) and Bidoun’s own Lucy Raven and Tiffany Malakooti ( “The Lovers’ Wind”, Bidoun 19 NOISE). Musical acts included bumpers by world champion competitive whistler Steve “The Whistler” Herbst and music by $hayne Oliver and Fatima Al-Qadiri.

    Review in Art in America

    Tony Shafrazi performs Moogambo

    Gini Alhadeff and Hampton Fancher

    Khalid Al Gharaballi, Babak Radboy and Kai Kuhne

    Steve “The Whistler” Herbst