The Primitive


Your Emirati employer has invited you to a lavish feast at a Five-star hotel. You arrive to dancing and lots to drink, discreet waiters and only two other women. One is a Westerner enjoying herself immensely, the other is a scantily clad Russian dancer putting on a show for leering men. What do you do?

A) Relax and enjoy yourself. Your employer is simply letting his hair down, showing you he can accept and enjoy your ways too.

B) Politely greet everyone and ask to speak to your employer in private. Let your employer know that you did now realize the nature of his invitation and that you do not feel comfortable participating.

C) Join the festivities but come up with an excuse to leave, such as becoming suddenly ill.

Culture Shock! United Arab Emirates. Gina L. Crocetti. Portland: Graphic Arts Center Publishing, 2001