Iraq for Dummies

Can’t tell your Turkman from your Kurd, your fatwa from your fatoush? The makers of the Iraq Smart Card have just the thing for you — whether you’re a military man, a (tragically) misguided backpacker, or a stringer seeking the next big thing. Complete with invaluable Arabic phrases like “drop your weapons,” “lie on your stomach,” “surrender,” the Smart Card has you covered in every conceivable jam. Contents include a section devoted to personal space, Iraqis do not share an American concept of “personal space” in public situations; honor and shame, constructive criticism can be taken as an insult; helpful dos and don’ts, Don’t show women attention by addressing, touching, or staring at them. Ouch. Move over Ralph Patai, this is Cultural Intelligence for the rest of us, the pocket-size Dummy’s Guide to the Arabs, anthropology lite.