If Water Is Precious to You

We use the latest Western technology. And we back it with over twenty years of experience working in progressive, developing countries. For all applications, large or small, we can supply everything needed to do the job — the engineering, the hardware, the on-site installation, the maintenance, the operator training. If water is precious to you, contact us.

Advertisement for Metito. Ahlan Wasahlan. Jeddah: Saudia Airlines, 1978

The movement is one of the glaring historical proofs which falsifies the concept of materialistic interpretation of history and that of the dialectics of materialism according to which economics is recognized as the cornerstone of social structure and a social movement is considered a reflection of class struggle. The materialists’ belief that all roads end with the fundamental requirement, i.e. food, does not hold water in the present context.

Tell the American People: Perspectives on the Iranian Revolution. David H. Albert. Philadelphia: Movement for a New Society, 1980